NUKR .. A design cam followers

NUKR .. A design cam followers (fig. 1) are based on double row, full complement cylindrical roller bearings without an integral flange between the two roller sets. The stud head and pressed-on flange ring guide the outer ring axially via the roller sets. This enables NUKR .. A design cam followers to accommodate relatively heavy axial loads that are induced when operating in an inclined or tilted position.
A sheet metal angle ring is pressed into the outer ring shoulder on both sides to form an effective labyrinth seal.
NUKR .. A design cam followers have a hexagonal recess at each end of the stud, enabling the cam follower to be held in place by a hexagonal key (Allen wrench) during mounting. In the centre of each hexagon is a relubrication hole for a press-in grease fitting or an adapter from a central lubrication system (→ Accessories).
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