Differential kits

Differential kits
SKF differential kits come in either a standard kit or a master kit.  The premium quality bearings included in each differential kit contain matching cones and cups. The seals are manufactured to SKF’s standards and contain the patented Bore-Tite® coating on the outer diameter to increase sealing performance. And the form fitting gaskets and silicone sealant are provided in the kits (where applicable).

Standard differential kits from SKF contain all the components needed for a complete repair, including:
  • Pinion bearings
  • Differential bearings
  • Pinion seal
  • Pinion nut
  • Crush sleeve or shims to set bearing pre-load
  • Gear marking compound and brush to check gear tooth
  • Thread locker
  • Silicone sealant for differential cover
Master differential kits from SKF contain all the elements that come with the standard differential kits, as well as:
  • Pinion adjusting shims to adjust pinion depth
  • Differential shims to adjust the ring and pinion backlash and set differential bearings pre-load
  • Ring gear bolts
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