Understanding the local customer in a global automotive market

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Christer Cedervall, Business Development Director, SKF Automotive

SKF Automotive had fragmented customer satisfaction information collected through a diverse set of uncoordinated local surveys. This provided good input for local activities but limited the global business management’s possibilities for comparison and coordinated analysis.

The solution

SKF Business Consulting designed one global on-line customer perception survey including:
  • questionnaire with common core elements for comparison and measurement over time together with business unit specific for local analysis
  • mirror analysis of internal view on customer perceptions and the customers actual perception

The reporting targeted both Division and Business unit managers as well as account and country/area managers.

The value

The global customer satisfaction survey now provides a better understanding of customer perceptions and gives a clear customer voice with detailed customer responses, local customer dialogues and mirror analysis. This has resulted in a common language and approach when discussing customer satisfaction and implementing improvements.

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