Shopfloor Awareness Cards

Keeping energy and sustainability issues alive

Energy efficiency programs often begin with the best intentions but quickly 'fizzle out' when front line staff are not provided with the proper resources or basic information to keep the issues alive.

The Energy and Sustainability Shopfloor Awareness cards give front line managers the opportunity and tools to engage their teams in a discussion about energy and sustainability in a manner that encourages feedback and generates ideas for savings every time they meet.

Just as many firms start every gathering with a safety discussion, the Shopfloor Awareness Cards enable every meeting to have an "energy minute."

The cards present specific energy and sustainability topics in non-technical terms that make the issues understandable and approachable by operating staff.

They are not intended to be used as a comprehensive training program but rather to keep energy and sustainability issues in front of all employees on a regular basis.

Helping you save money

United States Department of Energy experience suggests that a comprehensive awareness program can reduce energy consumption by 5% without substantial capital investment.

The Shopfloor cards can be a key part of your own comprehensive awareness program. If you want to keep your plant personnel engaged in energy and sustainability issues and if you want to capture the benefits that awareness always brings, call SKF and order your SAC now.
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