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Fan systems
SKF Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems will help you to identify opportunities to reduce energy bills. Many assessments suggest that you can reduce energy costs for fan systems by 20% or more, simply by improving fan and system efficiency. SKF can assist in determining when you should rebuild your fans or modify the system to restore efficiency.

Helping you reduce fan system energy costs

By using your plant staff (trained by SKF), or SKF as a service, to carry out routine measurements and monitor fan energy efficiency, you can determine when it is cost effective to repair a worn or damaged fan. This will free up valuable time and cost of specialists to concentrate on the most significant fan issues.

While routine monitoring itself will not capture all opportunities for improvement, understanding the status of your fan system efficiency is essential before making improvements (fig. 1). The Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems can work in parallel with your condition monitoring programme as part of a comprehensive asset management system.

Establishing an energy monitoring programme

Since every fan system is unique, the Energy Monitoring Service - Fan Systems from SKF applies a flexible process that follows some key steps:
  • Fan systems selection process
  • Establishing a database that includes details on the fans included in the monitoring programme
  • Programming route details into SKF @ptitude Inspector
  • Training your operations staff
  • Programme hand-over and routine monitoring

Benefits include

  • Save money - Identify ways to improve your fan systems' energy efficiency
  • Improve reliability - Improved energy efficiency provides better reliability
  • Keep it in-house - No need to employ specialists to identify energy efficiency improvements in your fan systems; your own operators become your "eyes" on efficiency
  • Sustain improvements - Through regular monitoring of selected fan systems
  • Integration - Can integrate with your existing condition monitoring programmes
  • ODR based - Applying proven Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) tools and methodology to engage plant operators and management staff in energy awareness, energy management, and CO2 reduction activities

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