MS332 Reliability Centred Maintenance

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Classroom training

Course objective:
By the end of this course students should have the knowledge to:
  • Describe RCM process flow
  • Understand the differences in RCM approach
  • Recognize the importance of data structure and content before performing any kind of strategy work
  • Understand the importance of identifying and categorizing assets
  • Understand criticality and the FMECA approach in RCM
  • Develop an RCM analysis and know the implications of making the strategy work
  • Conduct a task comparison
  • Understand what work packaging is
  • Understand methods needed for RCM implementation
  • Recognize what a living program is.
  • Know the content of a RCM project plan
  • Understand Risk Based Inspection (RBI) within the asset management support tool AMST

Additional learning resources

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