SKF is Committed to Further Improving Vehicle Aftermarket Service in China

2012 April 19, 13:52

SKF China Vehicle Service Market (VSM) Distributors and Dealers Conference was recently held in Lijiang, Kunming, at which SKF reviewed last year’s business and set its working focus for the China market for 2012. Mr. Wee Beng Lim, VSM supervisor, SKF Asia, Mr Dai Xiaobo, VSM General Manager, SKF China and about 80 representatives of SKF distributors and dealers attended the conference.

“China is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world as well as the key area for SKF’s development in VSM,” said Mr. Wee Beng Lim. “SKF cherishes its commitment to Chinese VSM customers to ‘Install Confidence’, part of SKF’s heritage of 100 years of knowledge and expertise. And we are committed to providing long-term support to China’s VSM and further strengthening SKF’s brand advantages in this area.”

In the past ten years, the rapid expansion of vehicle ownership has generated a huge vehicle service market in China. The percentage of private cars has soared from 25% ten years ago to more than 75% now, and the number of passenger cars more than six years old on the road has increased threefold in the past five years. To meet the increasing demands of the market, SKF launched more than 90 new products, established 19 more distributors and dealers, expanded the SKF Joint Authorised Network (SJAN) to more than 180 members and provided 65 training lectures for distributors and dealers in China last year.

“SKF achieved great success in VSM last year. And we will continue to develop more innovative products and solutions, and to further expand SKF distribution channels in the long term. We believe our advanced products, customized services and intelligence support will bring greater reliability, safety and efficiency to Chinese end-users through SKF distributors and dealers”,said Mr. Dai Xiaobo.

For 2012, SKF plans to further promote its high-quality products such as grease for wheel bearings, the VKMA Timing Belt Kit and VKD Suspension Kits, and improve support to distributors and dealers by further promoting SJAN and providing more technological assistance. The distributor network for commercial vehicle parts will be further optimised to echo the launch of Jinan factory’s new products, and the distributor coverage for passenger car parts will be further expanded.

A representative of SKF VSM distributors said: “With years of co-operation, SKF has helped us improve operational management and build a good reputation in this industry with advanced technology and intelligence support. We believe, with our joint efforts, we will do better in 2012 and provide more benefits to our end-users.”

Shanghai, April 18, 2012

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