SKF receives 2011 Excellent Supplier from Hanbell

2012 August 27, 10:45

SKF today announced it has received 2011 Excellent Supplier from Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery CO., LTD. (Hanbell). SKF has won this award four times in six years since we provided service to Hanbell, as a result of Hanbell’s recognition of SKF product and excellent service.


“As a knowledge engineering company, SKF has been devoted to deliver superior products and service to our customers,” said Mr. Erik Nelander, President of SKF China, “Customers’ trust and affirmation strengthens our commitment to excellence and determination to provide improved products and services for our customers. On the occasion of our 100th anniversary in China, SKF hopes we can cooperate with Hanbell sincerely to make progress together and create a better future.”


SKF is one of Hanbell’s major bearing suppliers. Over the years, SKF has continually provided Hanbell with bearing, condition monitoring equipment, seals and other products to ensure the stable operation of the compressors produced by Hanbell. We also support the development and trial-produce of Hanbell’s new products. Through its cooperation with SKF, Hanbell has enhanced its market competitiveness steadily.


Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery CO., LTD. was founded in 1996, specializing in twin-screw compressor which is mainly used in the fields of compressed air and refrigerant industry, and widely used in low, medium and high temperature system of variable frequency central air conditioning, refrigeration units and air-cooled heat pump. Hanbell holds important position in domestic compressor market.




Shanghai, Aug.27, 2012

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