SKF signs contract with Mazda Motor Corporation

2012 July 25, 15:51 CST

SKF today announced that they have signed a contract with Mazda Motor Corporation for the delivery of SKF’s bonded piston seals for automatic transmissions for the current Mazda CX-5 model.

"Our focus at SKF is to provide sustainable solutions to our customers that fit their needs perfectly. For Mazda, we were given the opportunity to support the development of their new transmissions for optimum performance," says John Bohenick, Director Business Unit, Sealing Solutions, SKF Automotive. “We are happy to have gained Mazda’s trust and confidence with our engineering and manufacturing capabilities.”

Mazda will include the seals in mid-size and large-size SKYACTIV-DRIVE six speed automatic transmissions where the new low friction design of bonded piston seals help to support improved gear change quality.

Deliveries have already started from SKF’s factory in Daegu, Korea.

Gothenburg, July 16 2012

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