SKF own operations

SKF’s own operations, such as manufacturing, warehousing, sales, R&D, etc. generates carbon emissions in two ways:

Direct emissions from combustion processes in boilers for building heating, the heat treatment furnaces or in company cars. (Scope 1)

• Indirect emissions coming from the power generation of the electricity and district heat needed to run SKF’s production machines, light up our plants and offices, load the batteries of the forklifts in our warehouses, creating a good indoor climate in our buildings, powering our computers, etc. (Scope 2)


• Reduce the total annual energy use of the SKF Group by 5 % below the 2006 level by 2016.

• Reduce the energy use per production output by 5% year-on-year during the period (2012-2016).

To ensure comparability this is an annual target for which the base year is always the previous year. The reason is that the measure of production output used is a financial measure updated annually and for which historical restatement is done only for the 2 previous years. Therefore 2012 will be compared against 2011, 2013 will be compared against 2012, etc.

Climate change targets across the value chain

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