Let’s Talk: Smart Robotics

Revolutionising industry

IT research company Gartner predicts that one-third of jobs will be replaced by robots, software and smart machines by 2025. But many experts believe this will only make room for new jobs.

Smart robotic automation is being integrated into factories to perform the so-called Dirty, Dull and Dangerous tasks of workers. Advanced sensor technology means manufacturing robots can adapt and learn from their environment and build new capabilities. The technology is shifting today’s best practice maintenance to a more a technology-driven maintenance and drastically increasing the efficiency of the product development process.

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Here are the different topics covered:

  • Robot vs Smart Robot – what is the difference in robotic automation
  • Evolution of Smart Robotics – technology, industry trends, market analysis
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Smart Robotics – benefits, possible job losses.
  • Product Development/Maintenance - how robotic automation will affect maintenance and product development, education, skills and competencies
  • The Future with Smart Robotics– new business models, computer-integrated manufacturing, factory of the future, predictions

Let's Talk: Smart Robotics - revolutionising industry

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