Contact seals

Contact seals are made of oil and wear-resistant NBR or FKM and are reinforced with a sheet steel insert.
SKF single row deep groove ball bearings with a contact seal made of NBR on one or both sides are manufactured in four designs depending on the bearing:
  • Bearings in the 60, 62, and 63 series are equipped with RSH seals (fig. 1) when D ≤ 25 mm.
  • Bearings in the 60, 62 and 63 series are equipped with RSH seals (fig. 2) when 25 mm < D ≤ 52 mm.
  • Other bearings have RS1 seals, which seal against the inner ring shoulder (fig. 3) or against a recess in the inner ring side face (fig. 4). The difference is indicated by dimension d1 or d2 in the product table.
Bearings with seals made of FKM (designation suffix RS2 or 2RS2) are available on request.


Seals made of FKM (fluoro rubber) exposed to an open flame or temperatures above 300 °C (570 °F) are a health and environmental hazard! They remain dangerous even after they have cooled.

Read and follow the safety precautions under Seal materials.

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