Greases for capped bearings

Most stainless steel deep groove ball bearings capped on both sides are filled as standard with the wide temperature range and silent running grease LHT23.
Bearings with designation suffix VP311 are filled with GFJ food-grade grease, registered by NSF as category H1. The NSF registration confirms the grease fulfils the requirements listed in the US Food and Drug Administration's guidlines under 21 CFR section 178.35070 (lubricant acceptable with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing areas).
On request, bearings can be supplied with the special non-toxic grease (designation suffix VT378), registered by NSF as category H1.
The technical specifications of the greases are listed in table 1. The standard grease is not identified in the bearing designation (no designation suffix). Check availability of bearings with special grease prior to ordering.
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