Features and benefits

SE plummer block housings in the 2, 3, 5 and 6 series have the following features and benefits:

Stiffer and more robust housing

The new, optimized design together with their stronger material grade make SE housings more robust compared to SNL housings.
With larger ribs in the base, and additional material around the holes for attachment bolts (fig. 1 and fig. 2), SE housings are stiffer than their predecessors. The attachment bolts can be preloaded to locate the housing without deforming the base or housing bore.

Better heat dissipation

The ribs around the perimeter and in the centre of the base (fig. 2) are larger, to increase the contact area between the base and support surface. This results in improved heat flow from the bearing outer ring to the support surface.

Improved markings on the housing

The housing cap and base are matched during manufacture and are not interchangeable with the caps and bases of other housings. A unique serial number on both housing parts helps avoid any mismatches (fig. 3).
The designation on the housing cap has also been enhanced for readability and now contains the complete housing designation, i.e. with variant suffixes, for better traceability (fig. 4).

Dimples to locate accessories

Dimples cast into the housing cap indicate where grease fittings and condition monitoring sensors can be mounted for best results (fig. 5).

Simpler mounting

The grease fitting kit contains torque values for the cap bolts and data for initial grease fills.
To simplify mounting and make alignment more accurate, lines indicating the centre of the bearing seat and housing bore axis are cast into the housing base. Dimples indicate the position for dowel pins (fig. 6). Mounting instructions are supplied with each seal pack.

Simpler maintenance

SE housings have a pry slot between the cap and base to ease removal of the cap during dismounting (fig. 7).

Grease guiding system

For efficient relubrication from the side, SE housings from size 511 to 515 have an integrated flange that guides grease from the grease fitting directly to the bearing (fig. 8). This can reduce grease consumption and disposal costs.

Grease level markings

To avoid over-filling, markings at each corner inside the housing base indicate the proper grease level for an initial 20 or 40% fill of the free space between housing and bearing (fig. 9).

Better lubrication facilities

The hole in the housing cap for relubrication through the centre of the bearing is positioned off-centre relative to the shaft axis (fig. 10).

New position of grease escape hole

The grease escape hole, on housings with a V suffix, is parallel to the shaft (fig. 11) for easier access after the housing is mounted. The hole is threaded and plugged.

Improved corrosion protection

SE housings are well protected from corrosion. The corrosivity category of the paint is higher than for SNL housings (→ Environmental conditions).
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