An integrated platform

SKF's range of products and services provides the solutions that will ultimately lead to increased bottom line profitability. The focus on technology and seamless interface with plantwide systems supports four key areas.

Decision support

SKF can assist customers in retention, storage and utilization of crucial information with its @ptitude industrial decision support software, see section SKF technology and service solutions.

Condition monitoring

As a leading supplier of condition monitoring products, SKF offers a complete range - from hand-held data collectors/analysers to online surveillance and machine protection systems. These products , see section Condition monitoring products, provide interface with condition monitoring analysis software and other plantwide systems.

Tools and lubricants

SKF has developed a range of tools and lubricants to provide safe and damage-free machine maintenance, see Maintenance products.

Component innovations

Component innovations are needed to achieve productivity goals that were never intended by original equipment manufacturers. SKF has developed bearing products designed to run faster, longer and cooler without maintenance in many difficult applications. A selection of such products is listed in the sections Engineering products and Mechatronics.
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