Condition monitoring products

At the core of the SKF product range are the vibration detection, analysis and diagnostic products, which enable process monitoring as an added benefit. Some of those products are shown below. For a complete overview see Condition monitoring.

Microlog® family of data collectors

The SKF family of Microlog data collector/analysers is designed so that users can easily establish a comprehensive periodic condition monitoring programme. As a diagnostic tool, the Microlog is unequalled in its class. Embedded intelligence provides step-by-step instructions for performing critical analysis functions like basic and advanced balancing, cyclic analysis, run-up/coast-down, bump test, tracking filter or motor current analysis. The frequency analysis module enables overlay defect frequencies on collected spectra to detect bearing defects, gear mesh, misalignment, unbalance or looseness problems.

MARLIN® family of data managers

The MARLIN data management system is designed to be the frontline tool for operators, building the communications/ technology bridge between operations, maintenance, engineering and plant management. This rugged high performance data collector provides a simple, convenient and portable way to collect and store machine vibration, process, and inspection data for quick downloading and analysis.

Vibration Pen plus

The Vibration Pen plus offers users a way to begin a cost-effective condition monitoring programme, or to expand the responsibility for machine reliability to operators throughout the plant. A multi-parameter vibration monitoring tool, the Vibration Pen plus operates with the press of a button, measuring vibration according to ISO standards and utilizing acceleration enveloping technology to identify a range of bearing, gear mesh and other machinery problems.

Inspector 400 ultrasonic probe

The inspector 400 ultrasonic probe senses high frequency sounds produced by leaks, electrical discharges and equipment as it operates. It electronically translates these signals using a heterodyning process, making them audible through a headset and "visible" as increments on a meter. This enables maintenance personnel to detect pressure and vacuum leaks, arcing, tracking and corona in electric apparatus or test bearings, pumps, motors, compressors etc.

Infrared temperature probe

This laser sighted non-contact thermometer senses the temperature of an object with an infrared detector, enabling maintenance personnel to take temperature readings in locations that might otherwise be difficult to access.

Machine condition transmitter, online monitoring units

SKF machine condition transmitters provide vital information about bearing performance and overall machine condition. This information can be used to make sure that essential production equipment is kept running. This cost effective system offers two adjustable warning levels (alert and alarm) via two independent set points with LED alarm indicators and output relay contacts.
Online monitoring units provide around-the-clock automated data collection and a powerful array of analysis tools to optimize condition monitoring efforts. If a machine starts to develop a problem, the system helps to detect, analyse and track the defect so that maintenance costs are minimized. A "live" mode feature enables detailed online analysis, while event logs provide a history of events that may have occurred while the system was unattended.

Vibration sensors, eddy probes

SKF's in-depth bearing, machinery, monitoring and signal processing knowledge was included in the development of the CMSS2100 and CMSS2200 vibration sensor series. These single units can be used instead of the wide range of accelerometers typically needed to meet a variety of conditions.
In addition to a full line of vibration sensors SKF also offers eddy probe systems for the measurement of relative motion in sleeve bearing machines.

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors developed by SKF are excellent for online monitoring of machine condition in rotating equipment. Since they are wireless, difficult access is no problem and data can be collected safely from a distance. At the heart of the system is an SKF vibration sensor that is connected to a battery-powered unit transmitting the signals wirelessly to a base station. The wireless system is available as a stand-alone package or as a complement to the SKF cable based online system.

Machinery protection systems

DYMAC, an SKF Group company, offers total system integration by bringing advanced condition monitoring and protection systems into a plant-wide control platform. The end result is not only improved profitability, but also a better and safer environment. For example, the VM600 Machinery Monitoring System, a digital, modular, scaleable hardware and software solution for Plant Usage Optimization provides integrated machinery protection, condition and advanced performance monitoring from a single source.

SKFmachine Operating Deflection Shape/Modal Analysis Software

SKFmachine ODS and SKFmachine SHAPE are easy to use, window-based software programs to observe, analyse and document the dynamic behaviour of machinery. They help to easily identify and correct problems related to structural weakness and resonances in machinery.

SKF Machine Analyst™

SKF Machine Analyst is the core component in a suite of software applications that provide a comprehensive reliability solution for process and manufacturing plants. It is the follow-up software solution of the successful PRISM4 suite. Written from the ground up using Component Object Model (COM) architecture, SKF Machine Analyst can be easily and effectively integrated with third party plug-ins, as well as systems such as computerized maintenance management systems, enterprise resource planning and others. Several versions are available, e.g. for online monitoring systems or to work with the MARLIN data management system. SKF Machine Analyst takes full advantage of the Microsoft Windows® functionality and features including multi-tasking, context-sensitive help, right-click functionality and the Windows Explorer™ graphical user interface.
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