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The following summarizes the most important services and products that SKF Reliability Systems offers to provide solutions to the real-life application conditions. For detailed information on the SKF Reliability Systems programme please refer to publication 5160 E "The Guide to Asset Efficiency Optimization™ for Improved Profitability" or visit Asset Management for the latest information on strategies and services.


An assessment can include one or all of the following areas:
  • Determination of current situation
  • Maintenance
  • Supply and stores processes
  • Predictive maintenance

Maintenance strategy

SKF can help to establish a comprehensive maintenance strategy, designed to make sure that productivity as well as safety and integrity issues receive the attention they require. Diagram 1 illustrates the range and ranking of maintenance practices.
The latest and innovative approach to maintenance is called Operator Driven Reliability (ODR). This maintenance concept is simply a framework for organizing the activities of plant operations personnel in concert with a company's reliability maintenance practices. SKF has the knowledge and equipment to initiate and support this approach.

Maintenance engineering

Maintenance engineering is putting the strategy to work and includes for example the implementation of a "Computerized Maintenance Management System" (CMMS) with all the data and process information needed to achieve maintenance strategy goals.

Supply process

This service is an integral part of increasing profitability by reducing transaction costs, releasing capital tied up in spare inventory and making sure that the spares are available when needed.

Proactive Reliability Maintenance

Following the SKF Proactive Reliability Maintenance (PRM) process helps to provide best return on plant assets. It addresses failures and implements the processes necessary to prevent recurrence. The PRM process is based on four key steps:
  • Predictive maintenance, a multi-faceted process that uses sophisticated technology systems to gather comprehensive intelligence on machine conditions and production processes.
  • Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify problems and necessary actions, such as machine alignment, balancing etc. Key performance indicators are performance improvement targets, established jointly between SKF and the customer.
  • Periodic operational reviews between SKF and the plant management to analyze performance.

Machine maintenance

SKF Reliability Systems has developed its most comprehensive service programme for rotating equipment to drive machine maintenance in the most cost effective ways. This programme includes products and services such as
  • machine alignment
  • precision balancing
  • lubrication management
  • bearing damage analysis
  • technology advice and machine upgrades
  • bearing installation.

Machine improvement

To remain competitive, plants must keep pace with new machine technologies. SKF can help to keep pace - without the need to invest in new machines. Recommendations can include one, or a combination of actions:
  • Upgrade, rebuild and re-design.
  • Design engineering.
  • Refurbishment of bearings.
  • Repair and upgrade machine tool spindles.
  • Instrument/equipment calibrations


SKF Reliability Services offers comprehensive machine reliability and asset management training - from the shop floor to the highest level of management.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions

An Integrated Maintenance Solution (IMS) agreement brings together all areas of expertise offered by SKF, establishing a continuous process of maintenance monitoring, analysis and improvement. It provides a planned skills transfer programme for maintenance and operations personnel, and technology upgrades where required.
With an IMS agreement, SKF Reliability Systems will manage every key component of a machine asset management strategy, providing a total system for improving efficiency. Each agreement is customized to specific business needs. The user can choose which areas need to be included, based on internal resources and current supplier contracts. With an IMS contract, SKF shares some of the risk as well as the savings, while the user receives agreed-upon financial returns with little to no capital investment.

@ptitude® Industrial Decision Support System

The @ptitude Industrial Decision Support System from SKF is a knowledge management system that incorporates today's most advanced technologies to integrate data from multiple sources into an easy to use reliability maintenance application. It enhances the user team ability to make the right decision at the right time, providing a structured approach to capturing and applying knowledge. A key element of the @ptitude system is its online, web-enabled asset management knowledge bank.

SKF @ptitude Exchange

SKF @ptitude Exchange contains articles, technical handbooks, white papers, best practices and benchmarking information, interactive tools and an information network for expert advice and services.
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