Typical symptoms indicating impending bearing failure

Below is a list of the seven most common symptoms produced by bearings that are not operating properly. The list in section Symptoms and typical conditions provides a summary that identifies 51 typical conditions for the symptoms.
Seven sections, one for each listed symptom, give information about probable "Reason for condition" and offer "Practical solution".

How to use the troubleshooting charts

As an example, A in the column "Symptoms" in section Symptoms and typical conditions represents a bearing that is overheating. By scanning the list at least 29 possible conditions will be found indicating an overheated bearing.
Either go directly to the section Overheated bearing, or first note a few probable conditions from the list and the corresponding "Solution Code." (More than one condition may be found that applies to the application.) Then turn to the section Overheated bearing. Use the solution code(s) to determine the probable cause of the overheated bearing.

Common symptoms
AOverheated bearing
BNoisy bearing
CReplacements are too frequent
EUnsatisfactory equipment performance
FBearing is loose on the shaft
GShaft is difficult to turn
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