Bearing data

Boundary dimensions: ISO 15:2011, except for the width of sealed bearings with a BS2- prefix

For additional
(→ Tolerances)
P5 running accuracy on request (designation suffix C08)

Except for:
  • SKF Explorer bearings (d ≤ 300 mm):
    • width tolerance at least 50% tighter than ISO standard (table 1)
    • P5 running accuracy
Except for:
  • Bearings for vibratory applications
    like SKF Explorer and
    • P5 bore diameter
    • P6 outside diameter

Values: ISO 492:2014 (table 2, table 3 and table 4)
Internal clearance

For additional
(→ Bearing internal clearance)
Normal, C3
Check availability of C2, C4 or C5 clearance classes
Bearings for vibratory applications: C4
  • cylindrical bore (table 5)
  • tapered bore (table 6)
    Values are in accordance with ISO 5753-1:2009 (as far as standardized) and
    are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.
  • Guideline values for light to normal loads (P ≤ 0,1 C) and constant position of misalignment relative to the outer ring: (table 7)

    Whether these values can be fully exploited depends on the design of the be ring arrangement, the bearing abutments in the housing, etc.

  • When the position of the misalignment is not constant relative to the outer ring, additional sliding may occur in the bearing, limiting misalignment to a few tenths of a degree.
Examples are:
    • vibrating screens with rotating imbalance and therefore rotating deflection of the shaft (fig. 1)
    • deflection-compensating rolls of paper machines where the stationary shaft is bent
  • To avoid detrimental effects on sealing performance, misalignment for sealed bearings should not exceed 0,5°.

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