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Linearization library files for SKF's CMSS 65 and CMSS 68 Eddy Current Probe series

Below are the standard linearization library files for SKF's CMSS 65 and CMSS 68 Eddy Current Probe series. The .xls file is a library data file that contains data you can use to create custom measurement range libraries. The .ecp file is the standard linearization library file that can be downloaded to the SKF Multilog DMx. The standard linearization library file's main characteristics are embedded in the part number; the key to deciphering this information is presented below. For instructions on how to create required custom linearization library files, consult Application Note CM3156,SKF Multilog On-line System DMx Internal Drivers, located in the Related documents section in the right column of this page.

Standard linearization library part number information key:

CMMA aa-bbm-4140-cccmil-ddddd
  • CMMA = Product line acronym
  • aa = Eddy Current Probe series compatibility, e.g., "65" for CMMS65 series
  • bbm = Supported overall probe system cable length (integral + extension cable), engineering unit; meter, e.g., "10m" for 10 meter probe system length
  • 4140 = Designation of target material used to create the library; 4140 steel
  • cccmil = Supported measurement range, engineering unit; mil (1/1000 inch), e.g., "80mil" for 80 mil measurement range
  • ddddd = Unique library identifier, will show in DMx Toolbox when the library is downloaded and linked to a channel; the last digit represents the DMx channel number (1-4) the library should be linked to

Linearization library file
.xls file
.ecp file
CMMA 65-5m-4140-80mil-5001Download now
Download now
CMMA 65-5m-4140-80mil-5002Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-5m-4140-80mil-5003Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-5m-4140-80mil-5004Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-10m-4140-80mil-6001Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-10m-4140-80mil-6002Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-10m-4140-80mil-6003Download nowDownload now
CMMA 65-10m-4140-80mil-6004Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-5m-4140-90mil-9001Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-5m-4140-90mil-9002Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-5m-4140-90mil-9003Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-5m-4140-90mil-9004Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-10m-4140-90mil-10001Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-10m-4140-90mil-10002Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-10m-4140-90mil-10003Download nowDownload now
CMMA 68-10m-4140-90mil-10004Download nowDownload now

SKF Multilog DMx Manager Software

SKF Multilog DMx Manager maintenance release 2010-12
Download now
Versions for SKF Multilog DMx Manager maintenance release updates include:
  • SKF DMx Manager - (update)
  • SKF DMx Firmware - 7.20.06
  • SKF Multilog DMx Manager Tools -
  • SKF Multilog DMx Modbus Demo -
  • SKF Multilog DMx Default Database Creator -
  • SKF Multilog DMx Toolbox - (update)

SKF Multilog DMx Firmware

SKF Multilog DMx Firmware maintenance update 2011-01
Download now
SKF Multilog DMx Firmware maintenance update 2009-12
Download now

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