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Over the last five decades Baker Instrument built a great reputation as an innovative provider of electric motor test equipment for industrial motor maintenance professionals. Our products are used around the globe in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, motor manufacturing and repair applications. Now, as an integrated business of SKF USA, we continue to build upon that worldwide reputation. While Baker Instrument is no longer a company entity, the Baker brand lives on in the latest generations of surge test products such as the versatile Baker DX and automated, user-programmable Baker AWA-IV static motor analyzers.

SKF USA provides a full spectrum of electrical test equipment for static motor testing and dynamic monitoring of in-service motors and generators. Maintenance professionals today rely upon SKF electric motor test and monitoring equipment to reduce costs and avert costly unplanned motor and machine downtime. We continue to innovate with new capabilities and products designed to help extend motor life and save customers substantial amounts of time and money.

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