SKF Microlog Inspector system

SKF Microlog Inspector

SKF Microlog Inspector
SKF Microlog Inspector
The SKF Microlog Inspector application is the latest, most advanced system developed by SKF for recording inspection data.  Previously, operators used the SKF MARLIN system as a replacement for verbal or paper inspection trails to document their observations with accurate, consistent and actionable information.  SKF Microlog Inspector takes the inspection process a step further.

By becoming a truly independent application, SKF Microlog Inspector uses a different, much easier communication method.  Redesigned data collection and feedback displays are more intuitive and easy to use.

SKF Microlog Inspector gives you the freedom to install the application on a variety of Windows Mobile portable computers.  No longer dependent on USB transfer alone, SKF Microlog Inspector is able to transfer data over LAN, WiFi and even cellular data networks (3G/GPRS).

Go beyond the manufacturing environment

The SKF Microlog Inspector system is not restricted to the manufacturing environment and can handle scheduling, environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) inspections and other regulatory or internal company requirements.

Enterprise-wide communication

SKF @ptitude Inspector software allows for more in-depth analysis and communication between operations, maintenance, engineering and plant management.

When used with the Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD), collected vibration data enables early problem detection in low, mid and high frequency ranges.  Routine collection of vibration data during inspection rounds makes critical machine data available on a regular basis, eliminating unnecessary inspection trips and freeing up of maintenance personnel to focus on scheduled repairs.

Standalone application or bundled systems

SKF Microlog Inspector is available as a standalone application or as a bundled system with the application installed on a rugged, high-performance portable computer.  SKF Microlog Inspector combines ease of use with advanced technologies that automate inspection processes in virtually any type of facility.

SKF Microlog Inspector I-Pro and S-Pro systems

These rugged, high performance portable computers come as a bundled system with the SKF Microlog Inspector application installed. The I-Pro (fig 1) and S-Pro (fig 2, fig 3) devices offer advanced technology and ergonomic design that enhance effectiveness while easing the process of routine inspections.

For more information about the SKF Microlog Inspector application or the bundled systems, refer to the SKF Microlog Inspector data sheet.

Augmented reality brings new SKF Microlog Inspector advert to life

Click the "SKF Microlog Inspector ad" link in the right colum to see the SKF Microlog Inspector come alive through augmented reality. Simply download the Apple or Android version of the "Aurasma" app, scan the QR code on the advert with your smart device, and then view the entire ad via Aurasma through your smart device to see the SKF Microlog Inspector come alive.

Operator Driven Reliability (ODR) process

In an ODR programme, operators are enabled by automated technologies to record observations of machine performance, process parameter inspections and critical machine conditions.

SKF Microlog Inspector prompts corrective action when observed conditions deviate from established parameters, often preventing a more serious problem.

Energy and Sustainability Management products

The Energy and Sustainability Management (ESM) team is an SKF "Centre of Excellence", delivering services and solutions to SKF facilities and customers to comprehensively achieve and sustain energy savings. The team offers a range of products, services and solutions.

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