The CAT modular design concept makes it easy to interchange critical components such as motors, gears, screws, attachments, etc. Custom-built actuators are easily and cost efficiently built from standard parts. The CAT range flexibility makes it suitable for an infinite number of applications.

Available version with potentiometer:
Linear actuators CAP43 A

Technical data:
Push load 
up to 3 000 N 
Pull load 
up to 3 000 N
Speed (full load) 
up to 40 mm/s 
100 to 400 mm 
12/24 V DC or 120/230/400 V AC 
Operating temperature               
-20 to +50 °C 
Type of protection 
IP 20/54/55/44/65 

Technical datasheet

CAT 33 + CAP 43A

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