Three-barrier solution

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, the SKF solution for conveyors can extend bearing service life without solid lubricants, taconite seals or large quantities of grease. Lubricated for life in most applications, the SKF solution for conveyors consists of four components:

  • Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings and sealed CARB bearings
  • SKF plummer (pillow) block housings
  • Standard SKF L or S-type seals
  • SKF LGGB2 biodegradable grease

Designed and proven to perform

SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings can accommodate very heavy radial and heavy axial loads in applications prone to misalignment or shaft deflection. Efficient contact seals and factory-filled high quality grease make the units ready to use.

SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings provide a significant improvement in key operational parameters and have proven to last several times longer than competitor's bearings when tested under typical heavy-duty conditions. This is especially true for SKF sealed spherical roller bearings, where the extraordinary sealing performance leaves the competition far behind.
OEM benefits
  • Increase "Mean Time Between Failures"
  • Enables downsizing
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces assembly costs
  • Simplifies design
  • No need for secondary seals
Aftermarket benefits
  • Increases reliability
  • Extends service life
  • Reduces lubricant consumption
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • No need for secondary seals

SKF Explorer系列性能等级升级

所有SKF球面滚子轴承已经升级到新的SKF探索者性能等级规格,其特点是高质量钢和热处理技术提高的结合。 结果: 硬度和韧性的卓越平衡,使其使用寿命延长为原有 SKF Explorer系列的两倍。 其优点包括:
  • 增加运行时间
  • 提高了可靠性;
  • 抗污染性
  • 提高生产率水平
  • 降低了噪声和振动水平
  • 优异的防磨损性能
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