Wheel end products

Wheel bearings and hub units with integrated ABS-sensors

SKF has pioneered every major advance in wheel and hub bearing technology since the invention of the automobile. We are the trusted engineering partner and OE component supplier to major vehicle manufacturers and today more than 90 million cars worldwide run on bearings made by SKF.


自从汽车发明后,SKF始终是轮端技术的每一个重大进步的先驱,且这一承诺延续至今。 凭借在轴承、以及密封件、润滑、机电一体化的专业知识,SKF能够从系统的角度认识轮端技术。 因此,也增加了功能性、可靠性、效率性和安全性。

全世界的汽车制造商都仰赖与SKF的轮端部件和集成系统。 SKF的OE设备范围涵盖圆锥轮毂轴承,以及带嵌入式传感器的独立轮毂,用于与车辆电脑程序单元进行通行,从而控制防抱死制动系统(ABS)、牵引力控制系统(TCS)和其他重要的功能。

展望未来,SKF目前正在开发的新一代带传感器的轮毂,从而进一步提高安全性和操控性。 凭借从如丰田和菲亚特等无数汽车制造商、组件系统供应商、以及欧洲和美国的汽车出版物处获得的赞誉,SKF再次确认自己在轮毂技术方面的领先地位。比如,SKF的专利X-Tracker被誉为“自1990年集成ABS传感器起,全球轮毂轴承市场最为重要的创新。”

Wheel end technology

Combined with our extensive expertise in seals, lubrication, and mechatronics, SKF is able to look at wheel end technology from a systems point of view. The result is improved functionality, reliability, efficiency, and safety.

If you want to learn more about SKF’s products or would like to place an order, we welcome you to contact the SKF customer service or locate an authorized SKF distributor close to you.

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