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Controller for use in single-line lubrication systems


Model 85525 is a microprocessor-controlled, 120 V AC unit that includes a pressure switch and mounting brackets. It is fully programmable and can be used either as a timer or a controller. Controllers have a wider off-time range than timers and a memory switch to turn pre-lube option on or off.

The controller is used to program the cycle frequency of a lubrication pump. Lubrication cycles are determined by the setting of internal switches, and the cycle times are selected to meet system requirements. During the “on” time, the air to the pump solenoid will be energized. The enclosed pressure switch senses supply line pressure rise/fall to signal system operation to controller or system alarm.

Features and benefits:
  • Microprocessor-controlled, 120 V AC unit
  • Includes pressure switch and brackets
  • Simple setting via dip switches and rotary switches
  • Fully programmable
  • Can be operated in timer or controller mode
  • Technische Eigenschaften
    Function principlecontrol unit
    Operating temperature–25 to +65 °C–13 to +150 °F
    Supply voltage120 V AC
    Operating voltage frequency50/60 Hz
    Current consumption20 mA (less external load)
    Relay contact load2 amps inductive load at 120 V AC
    Relay contact alarm2 amps inductive load at 120 V AC
    Off-time cyclemin. 30 s, max. 30 h
    Off-time pumpingmin. 30 s, max. 5 min
    Protection classNEMA 12
    Dimensions125 × 191 × 89 mm5 × 7.5 × 3.5 in
    Mounting positionvertical
  • Anwendungen
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