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87200 / 87216 / 130179

Air-driven single acting pump


SKF’s modular pumps are designed to efficiently supply either grease or oil in automatic systems using progressive metering devices

Models 87200, 87216 and 130179 are air-driven pumps that must be equipped with an appropriate baseplate and reservoir to make up a pump assembly. Baseplates contain all inlet and outlet connections for the pump and lubrication system and allow for quick pump removal without disturbing any existing piping. Removal of the pump does not require draining of the reservoir due to an integral check valve in the baseplate. Pump cycles will be controlled by a timer in conjunction with a three-way valve (supplied separately).

Features and benefits:

  • No dismantling of piping when removing pump
  • No draining required due to integral check valve in baseplate
  • Precise adjustability of output
  • Technische Eigenschaften
    Function principleair-driven single acting pump
    Lubricantoil and grease up to NLGI 2
    Number of lubricant outlets1
    Metering quantity per stroke
    872000,41-0,164 cm³0.025-0.10 in³
    872160,164-0,82 cm³0.01-0.05 in³
    1301794,1-16,39 cm³0.25-1.0 in³
    Strokes per minute - oil
    87200, 87216max 30
    130179max 25
    Strokes per minute - grease
    87200, 87216max 22
    130179max 10
    Connection main line1/4 NPTF (F)
    Inlet pressure, air
    87200, 87216min 2,8 bar
    max 10 bar
    min 40 psi
    min 150 psi
    130179min 4,5 bar
    max 10 bar
    min 65 psi
    min 150 psi
    Pressure ratio
    87200, 13017925:1
    87200, 87216251 × 70 × 70 mm9.88 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
    130179114 × 291 × 140 mm4.50 × 15.38 × 5.50 in
    Mounting positionwith reservoir upside up
  • Anwendungen
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