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SKF Magnetic System

Energy-efficient solution for centrifugal blower compressors

Building on the performance advantages of permanent magnet motors, the SKF Magnetic System provides a cost and energy-efficient solution for centrifugal air compressors and blowers. The solution combines magnetic bearings with a permanent magnetic motor, plus an integrated control system and a variable speed drive.

Higher reliability with SKF magnetic system

Highly efficient (up to 98%), extremely compact in size and robust, the SKF permanent magnet motor is particularly well-suited for centrifugal air compressors and blowers. Unlike induction motors with gear boxes and mechanical bearings, the high-speed direct-drive SKF permanent magnet motors equipped with magnetic bearings offer the following advantages:
  • A 10%+ increase in energy efficiency vs. conventional bearings
  • Variable speed for a wide operating range including operation close to a surge line
  • Compact design, smaller footprint
  • Reduced maintenance demands and costs
  • 100% air – no oil residues and zero contamination
  • Significant noise reduction

SKF solutions for centrifugal compressors in chillers video

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