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Condition-based maintenance

Classification agencies confirm that condition-based maintenance processes – which help to identify and rectify problems at an early stage – can improve machinery reliability and reduce costs significantly.

SKF Marine provides predictive and proactive maintenance solutions with condition monitoring supported by SKF remote diagnostic centers (RDCs) worldwide, together with a range of services and products based on the SKF Enlight Centre – the most advanced web-based communication platform.

Implementing an on-board SKF condition-based maintenance program can help to:
  • Reduce machine maintenance costs
  • Improve equipment reliability and predictability
  • Maximize machine and vessel availability
  • Simplify and streamline classification procedures
  • Improve on-board safety for the workforce
  • Minimize environmental impact through good machinery condition
Start your condition-based maintenance program with SKF Marine – it’s never been so easy
  • Prepare a list of machines to be included in the condition monitoring (CM) program
  • Map with SKF Marine machine models
  • SKF condition monitoring specialists will build your CM database
  • Implement on-board according to the quality work instructions provided
  • Install only MicrologSync on board
  • Connect to the SKF One Global Cloud and test
Our marine team would be happy to assist you in finding the optimum solution for your individual needs.
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