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Cooper split bearings

Simple to install, inspect or remove

Split to the shaft bearings disassemble into smaller components easing the tasks of lifting and handling and making assembly or change-out simple in even the most cramped positions. Clearances are pre-set so no on-board adjustment is needed and no specialist fitting tools are required.

Our long experience in the requirements of the marine segment means that the standard product can incorporate a range of customised features to suit individual requirements and specifications. Examples of these are shown in our Z line pedestal unit opposite.

  • Spherical cartridge lubrication allows extra movement to handle flexing of the vessel hull.
  • Flat, solid underside of the pedestal base affords the perfect surface for chocking compounds.
  • Jacking screws enable simple alignment of bearings along the shaft.
  • Inspection holes for in-place measurement of shaft axial position.
  • Tapped holes for temperature and vibration sensors.

How Cooper bearings make a difference

Whatever your marine application, Cooper split bearings will give you:

  • Far greater design flexibility
  • Quick and easy maintenance – crucial when you’re a long way from harbour
  • Less downtime, resulting in major savings

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