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Simplex Sterntube bushes

Simplex Sterntube bushes
The Simplex sterntube bushes have been proven over decades of shipboard operation. Their superior quality and reliability is confirmed by over 22,000 bushes delivered to date.

While merchant shipping generally benefits from the standard design of Simplex sterntube bushes - cast-iron/lead-based white metal (GG-20) - the bushes intended for ships subjected to higher stresses, such as naval vessels or icebreakers, are made of nodular cast-iron/tin-based white metal (GGG-40).

The intercrystalline bonding of the materials provides the highest possible quality and durability.

The length of a bush is determined by the rules of the respective classification society. SKF Marine is able to supply bushes up to a length of 2,800 mm and an outside diameter of 1,200 mm. All bushes undergo a rigorous quality control process and are individually tested using ultrasonic techniques. Of course, the repair and remetalling of bushes is also possible - with extremely fast turnaround times. Get the answers - just call SKF Marine!
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