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Control retrofit for Stabilizers

For SKF Marine it is of great importance, that the reliability of older generation of fin stabilizers is ensured as long as possible and not limited due to lack of spare parts.

Therefore, SKF Marine has developed an in-house solution of its stabilizer control systems, which is available for all types of stabilizers produced by the company. With that solution, we can helps to ensure to have relevant spare parts available in case of any technical interference. Since the complete software is developed by our company, full access to all program sources is given and a future update can be made easily.

Furthermore, the in-house control system provides improved performance at lower speed, a simplified bridge control panel with a 10'' touch panel, new roll sensors and many more improvements.

With retrofitting the control now, customers can prevent a longer period of disruption due to a lack of spare parts and a long-time construction period. SKF Marine would be happy to support in considering the optimum option for preparing the stabilizer for the next decades.
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