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SKF TIH L induction heaters

Making heat mounting easier for large bearings

The bigger the bearing, the bigger the force needed to mount it. To compensate, induction heating has been a worldwide best practice for many bearing-mounting operations, notably cylindrical shafts and large bearings that cannot be pressed easily onto a shaft or into a housing.

If heating is uneven, or if overheating occurs, the bearing could be altered metallurgically and dimensionally, possibly shortening the bearing service life. The SKF Induction Heater TIH L series can help. This proven unit delivers reliable, efficient heat according to pre-set, time-controlled levels.

Heat large bearings safely with less energy

Featuring advanced power electronics and a dual coil design, the SKF Induction Heater TIH L series can heat large bearings up to 1 200 kg (2 600 lbs), using just 20 kVA of electrical power.

SKF TIH L series induction coils are positioned outside the heater's housing, enabling the bearing to be placed around the heater. It’s a significant innovation that helps reduce heating time and power consumption by up to 80%, ultimately saving up to 70% on heating costs. Using SKF TIH L induction heaters also reduces mounting time and efforts and eliminates the risk of contamination often encountered when using oil baths.
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