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SKF Maintenance Strategy Review helps mill create maintenance strategy for success

The challenge

A rolling mill looking to optimize its maintenance strategy sought help in assessing its needs and creating a documented and reliability-based maintenance programme.


The SKF Solution

Working closely with the mill personnel, SKF consultants selected the SKF Streamlined Reliability Centered Maintenance process as the best methodology for the project. The scope of the maintenance strategy review covered the rotating, electrical and instrumentation components for the following units:

  • Blank ring press machine
  • Multi mandrel ring rolling machine
  • Axial closed die rolling machine

The results

Following the analysis, SKF ranked component criticality and recommended predictive maintenance and operator inspection tasks that formed the basis for an optimized, documented maintenance programme that included:

  • 1 322 condition monitoring and predictive maintenance tasks
  • Improved instrument calibration checks
  • Increased depth to the asset register for effective cost and failure tracking
  • A priority scheme for maintenance planning based on asset criticality analysis
  • Data for performing a spare parts optimization project
  • Recommendations for design and procedural changes
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