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SKF ultra low-speed monitoring saves mill 159 000 euro

The challenge

Soon after replacing a faulty converter bearing that had caused a costly shutdown, a steel maker noticed a problem - a noise emanating from the bearing housing immediately after start-up.

The SKF solution

Concerned about safety, high insurance premiums and long-term reliability, the steel producer signed a monitoring services agreement with SKF. Over the next year and a half, SKF monitored the converter to help provide reliable operation and avoid the labour, downtime and material costs associated with a premature repair.

The results

The SKF ultra-low speed monitoring services agreement resulted in an estimated net savings of over €159 000 for the mill.

Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Labour savings: €9 000
  • Savings in replacement bearings and components: €183 000
  • Investment in SKF services over 18 months: €33 000
  • Net savings: €159 000
  • ROI: 483%
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