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Optimized maintenance and reliability management in the O&M phase – Lessons learned from oil and gas industry.

Fecha: 2013-06-12T13:00:00
Ubicación: Varsovia
Orador: Jim Marnoch, Ocean Energy Manager, SKF Renewable Energy Business Unit
Conferencia: SKF 8th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference
Jim Marnoch


The wind industry is relatively new compared with other traditional energy sectors such as oil and gas. As wind farms reach the end of their manufacturer’s warranty periods, and enter the O&M phase, best practice should be adopted and the mistakes made by other industries avoided. The O&M phase accounts for the majority of the life cycle cost, therefore maintenance must add value and make a positive contribution to reliability, availability and output. The presentation describes a Proactive Reliability Management delivery model that is widely adopted in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the offshore oil and gas industry. It can ensure that the right maintenance and condition monitoring effort is applied to the right machines at the right frequency. Information on recurring faults is collated on an ongoing basis allowing “bad actor” machines and components to be readily identified. This field information quantifies the extent of the problem and is used to help identify the Root Cause. Once identified, the operator works closely with the OEM/vendor to improve the machine design, eliminating the problem once and for all.

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