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Tapered roller bearings (GRB005)

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) Tapered roller bearing

As of October 2016, this course will be discontinued as from October 2016. We doing out best to provide an alternative at the earliest. Thank you for your understanding.

Course description:

Before taking this course, you should pass the Bearing Basics course, or have some prior knowledge about bearings.

This course comprises the following sections:

  • Introduction: An introduction to the course contents and an explanation of how the course works.
  • Executive summary:This extended summary presents the product features and benefits that characterize SKF tapered roller bearings.
  • Features and benefits: In this section you will learn about the features and benefits of the three SKF tapered roller bearing performance variants. Additionally, you can go into further details about hardening, adjustment, catalogue values and other technical information by reading the available pdf-documents.
  • Product range and designations: This lesson focuses on the SKF taper roller bearing range and the most relevant designations.
  • Applications: Taper roller bearings are used in many types of applications. This lesson presents no less than five applications of SKF taper roller bearings that highlight different aspects of the product benefits.
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