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Listening, translating, innovating

Susanne Blokland
Susanne Blokland

From her base in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France, Mechatronics Application Engineer Susanne Blokland participated in a project that exemplifies SKF teamwork in action. Pooling their knowledge, Susanne and her colleagues created simulation tools designed to test the performance and robustness of products including the SKF Rotor Positioning Bearing and the SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Unit – a unit featuring integrated electronics that provide information that can be used to control electric motors. The simulation tool helps to ensure design is correct first time.

“Essentially, my role involved capturing the customers ‘voice’ and translating this into sensor-bearing requirements. It’s tremendously satisfying to know that the teamwork and knowledge we applied to this project led to real gains for our customers in terms of efficiency and productivity.”

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