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Drivers and trends

SKF’s strategy is developed and refined through an understanding of the external drivers and trends which impact, or have the potential to impact, the many markets, regions and industries in which we operates. These are some of the high level external drivers of relevance to SKF.

External drivers

  • Globalization


    Shifts economic activity between the regions of the world – leading to changes in customer needs in the different regions and new opportunities to develop suppliers and business partners.

    SKF's approach

    Strengthening sales and marketing activities and bringing industry expertise close to customers. Establishing R&D in each major region and sales and engineering support close to customers. Balancing SKF’s overall manufacturing footprint to best support the Group’s customers around the world. Centralizing SKF’s global purchasing and establishing a global and regional supplier structure.

  • Urbanization
  • Population growth and increased wealth per capita
  • Environmental constraints
  • Smart systems

Industry level

SKF’s business is highly diversified from a regional and industry perspective. Specific analysis of these drivers and our detailed approach is only possible at the industry level. Each year in SKF’s Annual Report, we provide a condense summary of the industries we serve. Please click here to read the PDF.
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