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Compact control unit for max. 6 actuators. Individual parameterisation of the motor outputs is available. Medical approved Control unit.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 or 6 motor outputs (DIN8)
  • Synchronous run, up to 6 actuators, memory functions
  • 4 inputs for external limit switches
  • 3 operating device inputs
  • Summary current cut-off, individual current cut-off for each channel
  • Long lifetime > 100 000 cycles
  • Single fault sage
  • DC version output 30 A
  • High safety due to first failure safety
  • More flexibility when using batteries (charge inside the battery)
  • Approved for medical applications

Technical data:
Input voltage
24 V DC or 120/230 V AC
Output voltage
24 V DC
Actuator ports (DIN8)
3/3 or 6
Duty cycle (intermittent)
1 min. / 9 min.
IP protection
EN 60601-1 / UL 60601-1

Technical datasheet
Operating manual
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