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TFG image
TFG is a very compact, fast and powerful lifting pillar, and can be used for push or pull applications. Thanks to the rigid aluminium profiles and the precision glide pads, the TFG can lift off-centre loads without distorting. The pillar run very quietly, with minimum vibration and it’s self-locking for both push and pull.

Features and benefits

  • Push or pull load
  • Compact design
  • Fast movement
  • Powerful
  • Plug and play
Technical data:
Push load
2 500 N
Pull load
2 500 N
Speed (full load)
15 mm/s
200 to 700 mm
120/230 V AC or 24 V DC
Operating temperature
+10 to +40 °C
Type of protection
IP 30

Technical datasheet
Operating manual

Typical applications

  • Medical
  • Factory Automation
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