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SKF Energy Efficient Y-bearings and units

Optimized to reduce energy use and increase service life

SKF E2 Y-bearings and units

As part of the SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme, the expanded SKF Energy Efficient (E2) Y-bearings and Y-bearing units line offers cost-effective solutions for reduced friction, reduced operating temperature and longer service life compared to standard Y-bearings.

SKF E2 Y-bearings are characterized by a frictional moment that is at least 50% lower when compared to the same-sized standard Y-bearing (Diagram 1). Due to the reduced friction, the bearings run at up to 30 °C (55 °F) cooler than standard bearings (Diagram 2).  This extends grease life and service life, where grease life is limiting (Diagram 3). 

Fully assembled, ready-to-mount units

In addition to the energy savings offered by SKF E2 Y-bearings, SKF now offers fully assembled SKF E2 Y-bearing units that combine SKF E2 Y-bearings and SKF composite housings.
Helping to reduce total cost of ownership, these lightweight, cost-effective and ready-to-mount units are particularly well suited for applications where high speeds, moderate loads, reliability and minimal maintenance are all key parameters.


  • at least 50% friction reduction
  • low-friction seals
  • long life, low-friction grease
  • lightweight, relubrication-free units
  • ready-to-mount units


  • reduced energy use
  • reduced grease consumption
  • reduced environmental impact
  • longer service life
  • reduced maintenance
  • easy mounting
  • cost-effective

Typical applications for SKF Y-bearings and units include conveyors, industrial fans and textile machinery.
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