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Features and benefits

SAF and SAW housings share some of the following features and benefits:

Simple mounting and dismounting

To simplify mounting and make alignment more accurate, the feet of SAF and SAW housings have a flat, square design.
To make it easier to separate the cap and base, pry slots are cast into the housing. Smaller sizes have sphered dowel pins to further ease cap removal.
Mounting instructions are supplied with each housing.

Caps and bases individually marked

The housing base and cap are matched during manufacture and are not interchangeable with the caps and bases of other housings. To help avoid mismatch, each cap and base are numbered (fig. 1).

Grease or oil lubrication

These housings are designed to accommodate both grease and oil lubrication. The sump in the housing base acts as a reservoir to provide an adequate quantity of grease or oil.
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