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Selecting bearing unit designs and variants

The SKF Y-bearing unit assortment is extensive. It includes three housing main shapes with a choice of five different materials and a wide variety of Y-bearings that can be locked onto the shaft in different ways (→ Locking methods). The different housing materials are:
  • grey cast iron
  • composite
  • pressed steel
  • composite for SKF Food Line
  • stainless steel
Because of their design, each Y-bearing unit exhibits characteristic features that make it more or less suitable for a specific application.
Since, in many cases, several factors have to be considered when selecting a suitable Y-bearing unit, there is no way to provide a list of general rules. However, important factors that should be considered include:
  • locking method
  • loads (magnitude and direction)
  • sealing solution
  • operating temperature
  • speeds
  • lubrication: relubricable or relubrication-free unit
Keep in mind that the total cost of a bearing arrangement and inventory considerations could also influence the final choice.
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