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Universal electronic control and monitoring device


IGZ 51 and EXZT universal electronic control and monitoring devices are used in single-line, multi-line and progressive lubrication systems and are available in two voltage versions. Developed for stationary industrial applications, these devices may be installed in a switching cabinet or internally in a compact lubrication unit. They can be used as timedependent or pulse-dependent controllers to initiate a lubrication cycle. The EXZT devices control the pump running time and monitor simultaneously the strokes of the pulse generator or sensor of the metering device. All devices have custom-built functions integrated and can be set to meet system requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Combined universal control and monitoring device
  • Easy installation by top hat rail mounting
  • Adjustable operating modes
  • Time operation or load-dependent, machine-stroke operation
  • Low-level control and EEPROM included
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