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ZPU 08/14/24

Electrically operated piston pump for dual-line systems

ZPU 08 pump

The ZPU 08/14/24 pumps are used primarily in dual-line systems or as supply pumps. Depending on the system layout, these pumps can supply lubricant at distances of up to 120 meters (131 yd) and more. 

The ZPU 08/14/24 pumps come standard with a pressure relief valve, check valve, lubricant filter and a pressure gauge. These robust units operate effectively at temperatures ranging from –20 to +80 °C (–4 to +176 °F) thanks to the integrated stirring device.

Features and benefits:

  • Reliable
  • Simple to service
  • Three options for high lubricant output
  • Ultrasonic low- and high-level control options
  • Built-in lubricant filter
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