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Mechanically or electrically operated radial piston pumps for SKF MultiFlex multi-line lubrication systems


The RA multi-line pump is a unique radial piston pump with stackable pump elements. The modular pump design allows up to five pump elements, each with one, two or four outlets. A later outlet reduction or outlet extension is thus possible. The displacement of all outlets from a pump element is adjustable by a common setting device, setting range 33–100%. Several different mechanical or electric motor drives are available.

Features and benefits
  • Modular pump-to-point solution for 1 to 20 lubrication points
  • Depending on the drive speed respective of selected drive ratio, RA pumps cover feed rates of some droplets until 36 cm³/min (2.2 in³/min)
  • Drive direction left or right
  • Compatible with mineral- and synthetic-based oil
  • Vibration-proof, marine and ATEX versions available
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