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PowerMaster III

Air-operated piston pump for barrels

PowerMaster III air-operated 84723
PowerMaster III air-operated model 84723
PowerMaster III air-operated 84723
PowerMaster III single-post primer 2716

Designed to fit large drums or containers, PowerMaster III pumps are ideal for lubrication systems using substantial quantities of lubricant. The modular combination of various air motors with pump tubes enables optimum adaptation to lubrication system requirements. The PowerMaster III is available in carbon steel to fit any drum size.

A complete line of priming equipment and mounting devices are offered.

Features and benefits:

  • Uses air motors with diameters of 76, 101, 152 and 203 mm (3, 4, 6 or 8 in)
  • Full 152 mm (6 in) stroke for greater output per cycle
  • Modular design for easy repair
  • Only five moving parts and no metal-to-metal contact for longer service life
  • Pump tubes provide ratios and outputs for any application
  • Hydraulically operated drive motors offered for lubrication systems on hydraulic excavators
  • Shovel-foot-style for high-viscosity, non-fluid materials
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