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Monitoring devices

To monitor the functioning of lubrication equipment

Various devices that generate a visual or electrical signal can be used for this purpose. These signals are analyzed by the electronic control and monitoring devices and provide appropriate information to the machine's control unit or operator.

The following values are used to monitor lubrication systems:

  • Level of the lubricant in lubricant reservoirs
  • Pressure in the tubing of the centralized lubrication system
  • Flow (qualitative) in the tubing
  • Volume (quantitative) in the tubing
  • Oil/air mixtures in the tubing
  • Dirt in the filters
  • Movement of display elements
  • Temperature in the lubricant reservoir and bearings
  • Moisture in lubricants

Overview of monitoring devices for different lubrication systems

  • Single-line lubrication systems

    Pressure sensors
    ProductLubricantSwitching pressureOperating temperature


    1-3014.5-435+10 to 60-58 to +158
    DSBgrease20-300290-4350-25 to +80-13 to +176
    0-400-580-10 to +80+14 to 176
  • Progressive lubrication systems
  • Dual-line lubrication systems
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