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Dual pressure controller

DPC1_dual pressure controller
DPC1 dual pressure controller

The DPC 1 dual pressure controller was designed for dual-line lubrication systems that use a change-over valve controlled by an end-of-line pressure switch unit. The controller increases the energy efficiency of the system by matching the operating pressure to the ambient conditions. As a result, the pump motor only runs for as long as is required for pressure buildup. In the case of air-operated driven pumps, compressed air is conserved. The DPC 1 controller consists of a housing with integrated control electronics, an LCD and a membrane keypad.

Features and benefits:

  • Monitors proper function of system with regard to pump and change-over valve and detects tube line leaks
  • Self-adjusting operating pressure increases service cycle of system components
  • Integrated timer enables system operation without separate controller
  • Measures the absolute min. and max. in the main lines
  • Measures the differential pressure minimum and maximum
  • IP 65 protection rating
  • Shockproof for rigorous environments
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